Our new vessel will take you and your family on a 90 minute tour along the entire west side of the Monomoy Islands. Giving us the opportunity to show your family more of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, including the Monomoy Lighthouse never seen on our cruises before.

South Monomoy Island

The new vessel will also be used for our new day trips to the Monomoy Lighthouse. This new walking tour will be led by a naturalist and give you the opportunity to set foot on South Monomoy Island and walk out to the Monomoy Lighthouse. While on the island you will be lead by our naturalist on a wildlife sighting tour looking for white-tail deer, owls, seals hauled out on the beach and countless numbers of shore and song birds.

Welcome aboard!

Capt. Keith

Closest Boat to the Seals!


Come introduce yourself to Chatham's best known residents...

...the gray and harbor seals!

Seeing these adorable mammals in their natural habitat will make your family vacation one to remember.

Since the Monomoy Island Ferry departs from Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, we offer you the closest launching point and fastest trip to the seals.

Make your reservations today for a first class Monomoy seal cruise with Capt. Keith Lincoln and the Rip Ryder.



Seal Cruise Prices

All ages - $35.00 per person

90 minute cruises

Departing 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm

Call 508-237-0420 for Seal Cruise reservations.

Also available for special charters.


Seal Tour Departures



 For more information and reservations contact:

Capt. Keith Lincoln




Monomoy Island Ferry - Rip Ryder